Beast Bottle Set

$ 25.00

Beast Bottle™ is an endlessly refillable, infinitely reusable aluminum bottle. Use it in the shower. Use it out of the shower. Fill it with your favorite human or pet shampoo, body wash, conditioner, hand soap, lotion, lightweight shaving cream or other liquid personal care product. 

What you get (a $30+ value!):

BEAST® is engraved on one side and "GROOM BOLDLY™" on the other side. Dimensions with caps on are 3" in diameter at base x 9.25" tall for the liter size and approximately 1.4" at base x 3.75" tall for the travel size. 

Bottles come unfilled but pair perfectly with your favorite grooming product refills like our Everyone Wash and more! 

The refillable Beast Bottle saves you money, lets you get rid of clutter in the bathroom, adds a level of packaging sophistication our forefathers couldn't have imagined in their wildest dreams, and offers an effortless way to help take care of the environment. Learn more about Beast Bottle here.

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