Our Story

Our family dog, Hammy, is a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier who likes getting dirty in any way possible. From bouncing through leaves, to chasing ducks into ponds, to rolling around in mud after a bath, Hammy truly is one fresh dog (just not “fresh” in the way we always want). Finally, amidst the changing of diapers, the wailing and the insomnia, Hammy's odor became too much for me to bear. I grabbed a bottle of my wife's dry shampoo - a powder women use to clean and freshen up their hair – and dumped it on my stinky dog. Voila: he smelled better! 

Leading up to the birth of our first child, Hammy had been acting particularly fresh. He had been playing outside a lot and, with all the excitement of the new baby, I just didn't have time to wash him or take him to the groomer. So, by the time our beautiful baby girl was born, Hammy was pretty darn stinky.

Hammy's chances for a bath didn't improve after the arrival of his new sister when, a week after she was born, she started crying. A week later, she was still crying and was diagnosed with colic. In case you don't know, colic is a cosmic joke completely healthy newborns play on their parents – especially first-time parents – where they basically just cry for a few months until they decide the joke is over. Accordingly, our sweet baby cried and cried and ... Hammy still smelled.

Several years (and some R&D) later, I am pleased to present Fresh Dog: timesaving products borne out of the belief that sometimes even a best friend can use a little freshening up. Not because they think they need it – dogs are probably just fine the way they are. But because we (and, in particular, our noses) need it. So that our dogs smell better. So that we show our love a lot more.

Fresh Dog, Happy Family®

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